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Barbie Has Puppies

Barbie hadn’t decided what she was going to do with her life. She had tried a number of professions; flight attendant, rocket scientist, fashion designer, babysitter. Most recently she had worked as a computer engineer. Barbie had 20/20 vision, but … Continue reading

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Real, True Conversations

Today, over morning snack: Me: What would you guys like to do this morning? Trombone, almost-5: I don’t know, maybe go to the Burnaby library? Fresco, age 3: We just WENT to the library. Trombone: Not the Burnaby one. And … Continue reading

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The Puzzle

Yesterday I bought a new puzzle. At WalMart. I know, I should buy the fair trade, organic, shade grown puzzles but I was at the mall with Fresco and I was looking for rubber boots for Trombone (surprisingly difficult to … Continue reading

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(Plural, scamola. A scam of high degree.) So, if you are curious to hear what Saint Aardvark sounds like, his video exposay of the Tonka Flashlight Force Light Command Dump Truck is here at Youtube. In the store, the flashlight … Continue reading

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Upping the Estrogen

When I was a kid I used to take pictures of my stuffed animals. Like, family portrait style. I would gather them all up on the couch and pose them and then whip out my little rectangular camera and click … Continue reading

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