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This Is An Experiment

An average reader-type person could read novels and short stories in a moderate quantity, say one novel per week, for her entire life, say 88 years, and, I believe, still not come across every single idea she’s ever had. I … Continue reading

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Book Reports

You can tell things are looking up, time, sleep and parenting-wise, because I read an entire book and a half in two weeks. Wow. I remember a time, not long ago, when it would take me a full month to … Continue reading

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Babies: For Nonlinear Girl

I love this book: “Babies” by Ros Asquith and Sam Williams. It features many pages of different sorts of babies (Big / little /do-lots / do-little) getting into mischief and looking adorably rumpled. My mother gave it to me when … Continue reading

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As If I Needed More Reasons To Be Grateful for Spring

Fresco has many qualities that I think would make him an excellent bounty hunter or Navy SEAL: – he has amazing powers of focus – he will not be deterred from the task at hand, whether that be chasing a … Continue reading

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Wherein I Become A Believer in Wet Sock Hocus Pocus

The other day I was at Save On Foods just for a change of scene and they were selling buckets. So I bought one. You never know, right? The only time I remember that we don’t own a bucket * … Continue reading

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