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Under the Wire

An hour ago, Saint Aardvark said, “You have three and a half hours! Before the end of the day! To post something!” “Enh,” I said. I was on the couch, drinking wine, flipping channels on the TV. “Hm?” he said. … Continue reading

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The Kitchen of Brotherly Love

These are challenging days in our house, in the area of siblinghood. Four-and-a-half is a creative, powerful, volatile, and angry age. Two-and-three-quarters is sweet and delightful and stubborn. Almost-thirty-seven and Almost-thirty-nine are tired and cranky. Year of the Rabbit, age … Continue reading

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The Kids

Somewhere recently I read something about a woman being offended that people refer to their children as kids. It was a Christian argument as I recall, something about cloven hooves and children being two things that don’t go together. I … Continue reading

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Two Poems About A Stuffed Eeyore Watching the Fireplace

Today’s prompt thanks to Arwen: Write a sonnet about an object you can see from where you’re sitting. I call this style of sonnet The Tortured Style ’cause it sure ain’t Italian, Shakespearean or AnyRealPoet-ian. Ahem. Eeyore One You grey, … Continue reading

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Three Things I Don’t Want

I used my phone’s camera to take a photo today. I don’t do this very often because I am still in the “oh, I have a phone in my purse?” camp. Late, but dedicated adopter, right? Anyway, I was in … Continue reading

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