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Derail Your Own Train

Fall, it’s not you, it’s me. I love your morning fog and your evening dark. I love the swish of tires on wet streets, wearing my gum boots, wrapping scarves around my neck, raindrops falling on my head etc. I … Continue reading

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Cranky Rides Again

Elections make me cranky. Our Federal election is next week, a civic election sometime in November, I have no idea when, but I will be checking my excellent community papers for details. Next year is our chance to get our … Continue reading

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Insert Your Favourite Closet Joke Here

Monkeypants wrote a post about her Fall Closet Purge and it inspired me. After Trombone was born, I dragged out all my pre-pregnancy clothes and found them to be lacking in the areas of FIT and COVERAGE so I bought … Continue reading

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Mmmm. Milk.

There is a Sharon, Lois and Bram song called “Did you Feed my Cow.” Maybe it’s actually a traditional song, I don’t know, but we have a CD with them singing it. There’s a lot of bass guitar in their … Continue reading

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Holy Hell My Brain is Melting

I wrote this yesterday, Sunday, but couldn’t post till now. Today is much cooler. I fully admit I am a wuss when it comes to humidity. I was born and raised in (what is now called) Metro Vancouver, in the … Continue reading

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