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You Know It’s The Wrong Time of Your Life to Write A Novel When

1:15 pm: Read stories to Trombone. Hug him. Kiss him. Cover him with a quilt. Take Fresco to other room. 1:30 pm: Fresco asleep. Come downstairs. 1:33 pm: Drink glass of water. Open novel document. 1:35 pm: Type seven words. … Continue reading

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Rain: 1, Cheesefairy: 0

OK Rain, you win this round. I should have known it wouldn’t be so easy as to throw on my gum boots and my waterproof jacket, tuck the bairns into their wee slots in the buggy and toss a rain … Continue reading

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Next Friday Is Hawaiian Shirt Day!

So, y’know, if you want to, go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. It is not that having children around makes you more sentimental, more craft-oriented, more likely to care about holidays (or is it “holidays”?) like Halloween. … Continue reading

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He Ain’t Heavy. Snotty, Yes. Heavy, No.

Having grown up an only child, there are a lot of aspects of sibling-hood that I was in the dark about. Correction: am still in the dark about, as we are currently not even touching the tip of this particular … Continue reading

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De-lated Thanksgiving

Last week on Thanksgiving we were at a wedding. My dear co-worker A married his sweet lady, Miss Mouse, and we ate scrumptious food and drank wine at a bistro downtown. Me and SA, that is. My parents and our … Continue reading

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