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Reason 744 Why Facebook is the Devil

Because if you’re facebook friends with someone (even if you haven’t seen her since grade 3) and she uploads photos of an event that is completely unrelated to you, you can still browse those photos and in this way you … Continue reading

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Summer in the Suburbs

I was totally going to write, “Ha ha I am on my porch blogging wirelessly, SUCKAS” and then of course I got out there and lost the signal so now I’m back inside. While I was on my porch, though, … Continue reading

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Moments – June 24, 2008

I am living in the moment. How very peace & love of me, no? Live for the now, appreciate each second? Nah. I am living in the moment because I can’t remember the past and because I have no idea … Continue reading

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We Subscribe for The Articles

There is a small card jammed in the middle of every wonderful issue of TV Week Magazine. It displays a crazy knick knack for sale. You know; sandal pendant inspired by the “Footprints” poem (? – as in, is it … Continue reading

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A Nod to Our Sponsors

Anne Lamott Last week sometime I positively devoured a book by her called “Bird By Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life.” It had the peculiar effect of making me want to write. But not in an old-school, “I will … Continue reading

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