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Emergency Cookies!

I found myself at a new food-concerned blog today, called everybody likes sandwiches and I was happily scrolling through lots of delicious recipes when I saw a link to an oatmeal cookie recipe. So I followed. It was a post … Continue reading

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I bought a big bunch of fresh, local spinach yesterday. I bought it because it was big, fresh and local; I don’t have a particular affinity for nor experience with this vegetable. Generally I don’t care for the gritty texture … Continue reading

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Midday Ice Cream

It’s such a relief when your favourite pregnancy food is still good when you’re no longer pregnant. Through both pregnancies, I had a big love-on for the President’s Choice Eat-the-Middle-First! Cookies & Cream ice cream (in part because it has … Continue reading

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Scattered Roundup of Wrong Things

First o’ all: I turned on the TV recently. Wrong. It’s July. There’s nothing on. Except the shows that are on after my bedtime, like Swingtown, of which I enjoyed the first episode so record on, you crazy PVR. Instead … Continue reading

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Have a Bagel, Emo Kid

So I have a cold / flu, right? Day 4 now of the second such viral plague in 3 weeks. Happy. Mostly I’m just happy the small children are breathing better. SA is heavily medicated for his lingering dry cough … Continue reading

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