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The Other Side

I picked up a book today at Value Village, the Sears and Sears guide to discipline. Put it back down when I read the sentence, “the three year old is far more reasonable than he was at two.” Obviously the … Continue reading

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Little Ozzy as a Rockette and Other Stories

This Little Ozzy was a gift from a friend quite a few years ago and is currently the cream in Trombone’s coffee so to speak. I like posing Little Ozzy, which is easy to do because he is jointed, and … Continue reading

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Seeking Eureka

I would like to be reincarnated as the following artists for the brief moments outlined: Gordon Downie performing “New Orleans Is Sinking” live. Anytime, anywhere. The man is crazy in love with his music, his words, his own mind. Whatever … Continue reading

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Into Every Life a Little of It Must Fall

We went uptown this morning because it was one of those days where you could stay in the house, sure, but there would be a trip to the hospital eventually because everyone was grumpy and clumsy and that means crying. … Continue reading

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Mothers Hold On To Your Daughters

There is a John Mayer song that annoys me more than other John Mayer songs. It goes like this: Fathers be good to your daughters Daughters will love like you do Girls become lovers who turn into mothers So mothers … Continue reading

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