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A Short History of Makeup

I pulled this out of the drafts folder. I wrote it last Fall. When I was in high school I went through a Makeup Phase. I desperately wanted to wear makeup. My parents were as desperate that I should not. … Continue reading

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Food is Awesome

Kathleen at A Moment To Think tagged me for a meme thing, 7 things about you, but after four thousand years of blogging, I can’t think of anything I haven’t shared about me. Seriously. I am thisclose to making up … Continue reading

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Toot Your Own Horn Sunday

I couldn’t be farther from a focused mood right now. I’m up in my sunny, quiet bedroom while Fresco sleeps (in his crib! 3rd naptime in a row!) and Trombone is out at a birthday party with SA. I printed … Continue reading

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Childhood Games

I was watching my kids play in the courtyard yesterday with Athletic Boy and Sidekick. Athletic Boy was doing mind-blowingly fast circuits on his scooter on the path that surrounds the grass. Sidekick was attempting to race but kept getting … Continue reading

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Today’s prompt is neighbours. Or neighbors if you’re American. I am helping Dad change the oil in our car, the blue Ford Tempo that he bought when I could no longer fit in the backseat of the 2-door Mustang. I … Continue reading

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