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At the Root

My short-hair fears started when I was a small child. For some reason, even though I was adorable with long hair, I was, one day, taken to my mother’s hairdresser and my hair was cut short. Maybe I had headlice? … Continue reading

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The Endings Are Not Always Happy

I have had excellent luck so far with my adventures in hair-cuttery. Rather than make an appointment that I might not be able to keep due to children, random illness, acts of god, etc, I have been wandering forth when … Continue reading

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The Laws Have Changed

New rule: if my hair can be drawn into a ponytail? It is too long. Spring has apparently arrived and soon it is going to be hot like spicy nuggets out there. Stay tuned for another thrilling installment of The … Continue reading

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Notes from Mother’s Journal

This morning I had a shower. It didn’t help. My hair has done that thing where it grows an inch overnight and goes from adorable shrubbery to overgrown lawn animal. Plus, on Sunday I dyed it and it is MADDDDD … Continue reading

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My Reach Is Limitless

In November, 2006, I was the proud owner of too much hair and the proud new mother of a 4 month old baby. I was also participating in National Blog Posting Month and needed content BAD. I decided to get … Continue reading

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