My Reach Is Limitless

In November, 2006, I was the proud owner of too much hair and the proud new mother of a 4 month old baby. I was also participating in National Blog Posting Month and needed content BAD. I decided to get a haircut and I asked My (10) Loyal Readers to chime in with opinions about which haircuttery establishment I should grace with my sweaty, hairy presence.

A week later I picked one of the three haircuttery establishments and got my hair cut. Lots of it.

The end.

But wait, not the end!

A month later, someone found the haircut post and thoughtfully added her opinion. OK, thanks. Then, a few months later, someone else dropped in to suggest another haircuttery establishment. Uh, thanks? A few months later, someone else came by with a dissenting opinion. Now it is February, 2009, and one comment in favour of salon X last week was followed by another comment in favour of salon Y and then things started to get mean and I realized that there is a full-on STYLIST WAR in the Mizzle and they are fighting their battles on my blog!

The other day I got an email from someone claiming to be an owner of one of the salons. This person said that clients were coming in and talking about my blog and that all these terrible things people were saying were very bad for business! So I should come in and get my hair done for a discount!

Yeah, not gonna happen.

I went and closed the comments for that post, (feeling all the while like the lamest blogger ever [flame wars over HAIRCUTTERY]) because I am not interested in being a battleground for stylist warfare and also because a lot of the IP addresses were the same (in fact some of the email addresses were too. Top tip: if you’re going to post several comments under different names to make it look like you are one of many who have the same opinion, at least put different email addresses in the email field). I understand and respect that the business of haircuttery is very competitive in the Mizzle and that this is all deadly serious to the people involved but from my point of view


…it’s kind of funny. So I had to share. And to let you all know that no matter how small and invisible you might think you are, blogging away in your little drinking closet, there are probably at least three people in the city talking about you right now.* So be careful.

* I just totally made that statistic up. But I bet it’s true.

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