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Honk If —

My parents’ neighbourhood in North Burnaby is plagued by intersections controlled by four-way stops. Four way stops are hard, I guess, because almost every time I drive to their house, I end up having a conversation with the other drivers … Continue reading

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Two Guys

I was driving across town to get to my writers group meeting. Sun in my face, wind in my hair, Beastie Boys on the radio, lollipop crammed in my mouth. Yes, this is the Real Housewives of New Westminster, owning … Continue reading

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Notes From Mother’s Journal: How to Defeat a Cold In Five Easy Steps

1. Take vitamins If the magic juice with four grillion micrograms of vitamin C is half price, buy it and drink it. It’s so magic, it says on the bottle not to drink more than a cup a day. Believe … Continue reading

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There’s A Country Song in Here Somewhere

Not to be all Seinfeld about it but what is UP with people driving in the rain? We’ve had a stretch of sunny weather, feels like months, has probably been days, and today it’s raining and people are speeding! and … Continue reading

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