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The Story of Christmas Elmo

The year Trombone was born, SA’s aunt sent us a singing, drumming Christmas Elmo. Wow, is it ever. Everything you’re thinking right now, it really is all of those things. Piercingly loud. Very red. Battery life like you wouldn’t believe. … Continue reading

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Around the Corner And Down the Way

“We’re coming,” I told my mom on the phone Wednesday morning. Snow dumping from the sky, incessant. Children running madly around the house, cabin-fevered after days of impassable sidewalks. “OK,” she said, “Your father is worried you won’t make it … Continue reading

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Calm Before The

It just keeps snowing and snowing and snowing! Not news to you East of Surrey people but hereabouts it’s like I’m a goldfish in a tiny bowl, peeking out the window every time I pass one, gasping at the snow … Continue reading

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I am Scared of Some Parties

This morning Trombone and I went to a Christmas party at the local drop-in play-gym. It looked just like the usual drop-in play-gym, except there were balloons everywhere, stations for decorating cookies and paper ornaments, and there was Santa. Hell … Continue reading

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We got a rather large present for Trombone on the weekend. We bought him a kitchen. It’s wood and it doesn’t talk (there are an alarming number of talking, plastic kitchens for sale) it was in our neighbourhood, thank you … Continue reading

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