Gross N’ Delicious: A Memoir

Yesterday I tasted the “Bacon n’ Egger” at A&W. Though I usually decry anything that has “N” in its title, the deliciousness was so overwhelming that I have been downstairs to eat more of them almost every hour on the hour ever since.

Well they’re 2 for $3! Bacon n’ Egger! N’ they have bacon or sausage n’ they have processed cheese that goes all melty into the n’ egg part. N’ Mmmm.

My apologies to those who ride the elevator after me. I am probably acquiring a reputation as a chronic flatulator. But it’s the n’egg that smells, I swear!

In other news:

Goddessa Smites you who put the water container on the cooler without removing the little paper tab so that the little paper tab is now floating around in the big jug of water. It has a taggy bit that peels off! Peel it off!

While she is on the topic and though this may seem contradictory, Goddessa also smites those of you who finish off a container of water on the cooler and then walk away without replacing the container or even mentioning to Goddessa that it is empty. Goddessa swears that last week she replaced that damn thing every day and it’s not that Goddessa minds the heavy lifting (she is, after all, unstoppable) but she does mind the expectation that someone else will do it, as well as the associative lackadasiality. Sometimes Goddessa just wants some tea.

You done been smote.

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