Fabulous New Feature!

A couple of years ago I created an alter-ego for myself (I know you’re surprised by this) called Goddessa. She was notable mainly for her super-hairy armpits and the super-human powers contained within them. To honour this alter-ego, I created a comic strip “Goddessa and Her Pits of Unstoppable Power!” Sated, I moved on and hardly thought about Goddessa at all. (Except for when my pits got super-hairy. But I have discussed hairy pits here before and today is not the day for more of that.)

Certain individuals in my life have pointed out that I can be a bit of a cranky pants. Well, OK; perfect strangers on the street have commented to this effect. Hell, even the 24-Hours newspaper guy now runs for shelter when he sees me stomping down the street. In the mornings, when the radio spouts its claptrap and jumblejargon, Saint Aardvark will see the glint in my sleep-gummed eyes, grab my arms and say “NO, Goddessa, NO!” Because he truly believes I have the power to disrupt electrical circuits with my mind.

In an effort to separate Cranky Fairy from Happy Fairy, I have decided to add a new category to the cheeseblog: Goddessa Smites You!

Today: Goddessa Smites people who book boardrooms and then decide to hold their meeting somewhere else without cancelling the first booking so that even though Goddessa can see that the boardroom is empty, the booking system shows FULL.

You done been smote.

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