I Knew I Forgot Something

After yesterday’s post, I knew I had one more bit of random stuff but I couldn’t remember it. Luckily I have a lot of time in the dark to think these days so it came back to me tonight.

The Wiggles. Parents of currently young children, you know what I’m talking about. The Wiggles. They are Australian children’s entertainers. There are four of them; they sing and dance and they wear coloured shirts to differentiate between them.

Blue Wiggle (the Wiggle in the blue shirt) is Anthony. He is the one I like best because he has nice eyebrows. Also, he seems to be having the most fun. The first Wiggles episodes I saw featured what I came to call the New Wiggles because one day I saw an episode that had DIFFERENT Wiggles in the same coloured shirts. Blue and Yellow had different faces! And the production value of the show was such that I could tell these Wiggles were, well, older.

Then Saint Aardvark came home and the conversation went:

Me: Did you know there are New Wiggles and Old Wiggles?
SA: Why would I know that?
Me: Yeah, because …
SA: Maybe I was too subtle. I don’t *want* to know that.
Me: But there are two different Anthonys! And they’re both called Anthony but they’re different! False ANTHONY!
SA: The earplugs are going in…

Trombone went off the Wiggles for a while, which was OK because really the only episode I like is the one with Leo Sayer where they do this amazing version of You Make Me Feel Like Dancing and we had that one on the PVR so we could watch it whenever we wanted. But still the PVR would record the Wiggles, whether it was New or Old and sometimes I would see the Old ones and cringe. Pleated trousers! Fake smiles! FALSE ANTHONY!

We took out “Wiggly Safari” (guest star Steve Irwin!) from the library last week and on the cover it looked like Old Wiggles but then I looked closer at Anthony (Blue Wiggle) in the actual movie and he sort of looked like a cross between Old and New Anthony. Like, I could see how he might be either. Was he Transitioning Anthony?

Quick! To the googlesphere! Where we learned, maddeningly, that there has only ever been ONE Anthony Wiggle (AKA Anthony Field) and he was a founding member; in other words, New and Old Anthony are the SAME PERSON and I am on The Big Crack!

So now I am going crazy trying to figure out why they look so different. I have narrowed it down to a nose job and teeth whitening (plus he gained some weight and shaved his sideburns) but does anyone know? Is there dirt on Blue Wiggle Anthony that I am not turning up? Australian reader Jacqueline, you have seen them in concert, right? Anybody? What’s up with Anthony?

Behold: new Anthony:

and Old Anthony:

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