I Knew I Forgot Something

After yesterday’s post, I knew I had one more bit of random stuff but I couldn’t remember it. Luckily I have a lot of time in the dark to think these days so it came back to me tonight.

The Wiggles. Parents of currently young children, you know what I’m talking about. The Wiggles. They are Australian children’s entertainers. There are four of them; they sing and dance and they wear coloured shirts to differentiate between them.

Blue Wiggle (the Wiggle in the blue shirt) is Anthony. He is the one I like best because he has nice eyebrows. Also, he seems to be having the most fun. The first Wiggles episodes I saw featured what I came to call the New Wiggles because one day I saw an episode that had DIFFERENT Wiggles in the same coloured shirts. Blue and Yellow had different faces! And the production value of the show was such that I could tell these Wiggles were, well, older.

Then Saint Aardvark came home and the conversation went:

Me: Did you know there are New Wiggles and Old Wiggles?
SA: Why would I know that?
Me: Yeah, because …
SA: Maybe I was too subtle. I don’t *want* to know that.
Me: But there are two different Anthonys! And they’re both called Anthony but they’re different! False ANTHONY!
SA: The earplugs are going in…

Trombone went off the Wiggles for a while, which was OK because really the only episode I like is the one with Leo Sayer where they do this amazing version of You Make Me Feel Like Dancing and we had that one on the PVR so we could watch it whenever we wanted. But still the PVR would record the Wiggles, whether it was New or Old and sometimes I would see the Old ones and cringe. Pleated trousers! Fake smiles! FALSE ANTHONY!

We took out “Wiggly Safari” (guest star Steve Irwin!) from the library last week and on the cover it looked like Old Wiggles but then I looked closer at Anthony (Blue Wiggle) in the actual movie and he sort of looked like a cross between Old and New Anthony. Like, I could see how he might be either. Was he Transitioning Anthony?

Quick! To the googlesphere! Where we learned, maddeningly, that there has only ever been ONE Anthony Wiggle (AKA Anthony Field) and he was a founding member; in other words, New and Old Anthony are the SAME PERSON and I am on The Big Crack!

So now I am going crazy trying to figure out why they look so different. I have narrowed it down to a nose job and teeth whitening (plus he gained some weight and shaved his sideburns) but does anyone know? Is there dirt on Blue Wiggle Anthony that I am not turning up? Australian reader Jacqueline, you have seen them in concert, right? Anybody? What’s up with Anthony?

Behold: new Anthony:

and Old Anthony:

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43 Responses to I Knew I Forgot Something

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Well I’m glad you asked! Anthony has been suffering from serious depression in recent years. His health has probably been a key factor in his premature aging. Oh, and his wife had twins I believe! Ack! That would also do it.

    I remember these guys from a pop band in the 80s that had limited success.

    If you want more Wiggles DVDs I have about 6 of them sitting here gathering dust. They were like crack for my son at one time but it wore off (not long after seeing them in concert… hmmmm) Come and get them! 😀

  2. Shelly says:

    Anthony’s wife never had twins. They have two daughters, and one son, all of different ages.

    Yes, two of the Wiggles, Anthony and Jeff, were in The Cockroaches in the ’80s.

    Most of why Anthony looks different in those pictures is because there’s a 10-15 year difference between when they were taken. And Anthony has probably had his teeth bleached, most celebrities do.

    As for the nose job issue, my stepmom thought the same thing. I highly doubt Anthony is THAT concerned about how he looks, so IF he did have a nose job, I’m positive it would be from something such as him breaking his nose, which is highly possible since he’s a rugby enthusiast.

    But you’re right about one thing. There’s definitely a new and old Wiggles. Unfortunately, Sam will never fill Greg’s shoes.

  3. Luis Font says:

    Hello?? There’s nothing sinister here. Anthony has now worked out like crazy for several years and is incredibly physically fit with six pack abs. You can see some videos of him exercising on youtube. He looks great for 45..we should all be so lucky…he may have had his teeth whitened but there’s no plastic surgery going on here. Don’t stir up rumor and innuendo where none exists. My son is crazy about the Wiggles.

  4. Nicole says:

    The reason he looks so different? He got old. It’s as simple as that. The pictures were taken close to 10 years apart. He probably did get his teeth bleached or something, but his nose looks the same to me. Anyway, he didn’t shave the sideburns off, they’re just gray now.
    But the new yellow wiggle, Sam, is because Greg had to retire for his health. He has something (I forget the name of it) where when he stands or sits for long periods of time, his heart doesn’t pump enough blood through his body and it all pools at his legs. He had to take some time off a US tour in 2006 because of it, since he was having fainting spells and slurred speech, and he finally was diagnosed and couldn’t continue with the Wiggles. Sam was his understudy, so he passed the yellow skivvy onto him. Though I think Greg was much better and Sam can never take his place.

  5. Gianna says:

    Well, Anthony is stressed out, depressed , older, and more in-shape. Also, he didn’t whiten his teeth– He got them CAPPED, as I recall him explaining on an interview… And what Greg has is called Orthostatic Intolerance, as said on GregPage.com … I hope to have been some help, although I’ve only been a fan for 5 months now.

  6. Glad to find others who watch the Wiggles! It’s like crack to my two kids, they love it so much. Anthony looks so much better now. Hard to believe he’s having problems!

  7. Wiggly fan says:

    I think he has ripened with age. He definitely has alot more spunk!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I noticed the difference with Anthony too. It’s been bugging the HECK out of me! I knew it was the same guy, though. Thanks for the help figuring it out. I did notice the new physique. His teeth do look different. I figured it had to be capping, rather than just bleaching. New haircut….hmm. Anything else. For those that mentioned aging and depression…maybe, but I don’t think that’s it. He looks BETTER!!

    Oh, BTW! I LIKE SAM! Leave him alone! Don’t get me wrong. I liked Greg, but I think Sam is doing an awesome job.

    • cheesefairy says:

      Hey, I like Sam too. Greg freaks me out a little. I’m not sure why, I think it’s his crooked mouth. And Sam can actually sing…

      • Anonymous says:

        I do agree that Sam has a better voice, but I liked Greg’s crooked mouth and thought he was so cute! 🙂

  9. S says:

    My husband and I are here laughing at finding this post…I was searching for photos of Anthony because he is always remarking at how much he has changed! We love your comparison pics and are wondering if maybe he had veneers on his teeth…they look bigger in the recent pic than in the older one.

    In any case, thanks for validating my husband’s feelings on this! LOL! I think it’s funny that there are so many parents out there who have watched enough Wiggles to be contemplating such questions 😛

    • cheesefairy says:

      His teeth DO look bigger! Oh, it is so nice when you realize you are not going crazy.

    • dee says:

      OMG i cant believe it. My husband and were also going on and on about how different Anthony looked. we have the best of the wiggles and really noticed a change. i had to get it out of my head, so i too started googling and found this chat. However, I put it down to veneers, nose job, tan and a better body. my mum is a dentisit and they are definitely veneers. i also really do think his nose has changed.
      Oh and yes, the wiggles are also like crack to my little boy as well. they actually drive my husband and i mad. we go to work singing their bloody songs every day. we are definitely wiggled out.

  10. Melissa says:

    Heh…Glad I’m not the only one who was stressing out about the ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Anthony!

  11. Greg says:

    Hello Fuckheads !! If you can sit there and think he hasn’t had anything done, your kidding yourselves. He’s gone as pale as fuck to almost Wesley Snipes, and his teeth are like as white as snow, his jaw has altered … Lost weight? He wasn’t John Candy before he’s not going to alter physically that much! Oh – but it was 10 years ago?????? It has been 10 years for all of them, they all don’t like they have Been seeing Dr 90210.

  12. Karin says:

    I am a Wiggles fan now too. My two year old is definately a Wiggles addict. Now I’m starting to experience withdrawal if I don’t have my daily Wiggles dose.

    Anthony is my fav too. I did notice how WHITE his tooth were on one of our 10 videos. I’m sorry to hear he suffers from depression.

    • Jesscat says:

      Wow I’m not alone, my two year old is hooked and both my husband and I are also mesmerized by the wiggles but I fear (mmm hope) for different reasons. I confess I have a huge crush on Blue Wiggle, having never had a crush on some one that I don’t know I’m finding the hole thing disconcerting. I think he is beautiful, in my eyes he can do no wrong. He has certainly grown in to his looks.

  13. JM says:

    Anthony’s changes aren’t all that drastic, people! He got new teeth in the early 2002-2003 or thereabouts, and yes they are FREAKISHLY white! They change the whole shape of his face.

    Beyond that, the difference is a haircut, tanning salon and lots of exercise. I don’t love the teeth but I do love Anthony . . .he always looks like he’s having a blast.

  14. Sima says:

    Well, I didn’t really pay much attention to the Wiggles until just recently; my 2 year old is absolutely crazy about them. I didn’t focus much on what they looked like then, but what I did notice however was how unnatural Anthony’s teeth looked, it wasn’t just how white they were, but they are pretty big. Yet still he has an amazing smile, and he really gets into his role. Must admit both he an Murray are my faves!

  15. Lisa says:

    How come nobody is mentioning the eyebrows…they’ve been plucked or reshaped or something…He used to almost have a unibrow…I think he is the best Wiggle

  16. Amanda says:

    I am 100% certain Anthony had a nose job, which is fine. I always assumed there was a lot of dirt on him too. I don’t know what it is but when my kids watch them I am also compelled to watch. Maybe it’s just that they are so strange yet also entertaining. Greg freaks me out too, he looks like a cheater and I read he was. I like that pirate that does the flips. He’s eye candy.

  17. Dom says:

    Um, Anthony almost died in 2003 after a huge infection from a tooth spread into the bones of his face.

    Check it out:


    Other than that, he got a tan, a haircut shaped his eyebrows and worked out like crazy. The Wiggles have been together since 1991- see Wikipedia. So yes they have changed. It’s called aging.

  18. kate says:

    I dont know why everyone is saying that Greg is freaky! I love him! He is so loverly and has such kind eyes! I love that crooked mouth thing too. I think that although sam CAN sing really well he is a little self indulgent for the wiggles…. Doing all the extra “singy” things in the songs… Its not the top 40! Its the Wiggles! Kids like it simple!
    I also think that they songs arnt as catchy since Greg left (and therefore stopped co writing the songs).
    I agree with Anthony having some work…. He looks SO different. Although he looks much better!
    My son is only 1 and already the wiggles is like lythium to him!! He loves it! Going to a concert next week… should be good. He will prob think its really wierd to see them in person – not on the TV

  19. lou lou says:

    i noticed it too because frankly anthony now looks hot! (is it bad to think that while my kids are watching the wiggles each morning?). he was never fat, but if you look in earlier videos he was a bit pudgier, and he’s definitely tanner, with better teeth and a close cropped haircut w/ better sideburns and brows. he probably did a makeover (i think they all did) before they hit the big time by getting the gig each morning on PBS Sprout here in the U.S. – it’s a great change and ALL men should take note – take care of yourself, don’t be a schlub, and be very well groomed. Anthony looks great, he looks like he’s always having fun and has a ton of energy. Good for him.

    I do think that all the ‘old’ wiggles have had botox, which frankly most actors get so it’s no big deal. they’re all a lot older yet have fewer wrinkles, but they still look good and you’d do the same if you were in the public eye for 15 years.

  20. gin says:

    I absolutley LOVE Anthony! I think I look forward to watching the wiggles more than my 2 year old! I think Anthony has got more handsome with age, but yes he does work out a lot – and good for him. And I wasnt that fond of Sam at first, but he is growing on me and I think he has filled Greg’s shoes amazingly! He is a very good singer!!! Just went to a Wiggles concert last week, they all do a very good job!

  21. Wiggly wiggly fan says:

    My husband and I seem to love the Wiggles even more than my daughter! Were always laughing at the stupid faces that Murray and Jeff make. Sam is a much better singer than Greg admittedly, but I liked Greg. There was something gentle about him. As far as Anthony goes, his teeth are definitely capped. In fact, I think he looks better when he’s not smiling because his teeth aren’t blinding to me. He is however, very good-looking, but comes off a little cocky. Sam is cute. He reminds me of some of the voice majors I went to school with. The saddest thing to me is Captain Feathersword. Bring a vocalist myself, I can imagine how depressing it must be for a former opera major to sing everything in that retarded voice. I guess being a millionare helps, though. Capt. Feathersword is pretty cute too, IMO.

  22. jaspers momma says:

    My son is in love with the wiggles. The episodes with greg still in it though. But i think anthony looks great for his age.

  23. Emma says:

    I am glad I found this! It has been bugging me for a while too!
    Especially when watching the Best of the Wiggles DVD – he looked like a weasel back in the day, but now he is HOT!!! The hottest wiggle out there by far at the moment! (But still love the others, but not in that way!!)

  24. Fiona says:

    Haha! I found this looking for before and after pictures. He has ripened with age thats for sure:D

    I had put it down to just teeth, fitness and grey hair (which makes his eyes pop haha). Seeing these pics that seems about right.

    Thanks for the before and after.

  25. Sam says:

    I was happy to find this post. The topic of old v new Anthony has been a recurring topic of conversation in my household and we couldn’t pinpoint exactly what he’d had done. My 18mth old daughter loves the Wiggles, and I have to admit I do too .. Anthony is definitely my favourite in the looks department… But I also preferred Greg rather than Sam. I thought Greg was more genuine than Sam… We recently took our daughter to the Wiggles concert and Sam looked so uninterested being there. I definitely prefer the ‘old school’ Wiggles… All the trapeze stuff they do now in their concerts are unnecessary for kids. They should just stick to what they did best in the beginning – entertaining kids with catchy tunes and contagious dancing.

  26. Brooke says:

    I also found this by googling why Anthony Wiggle looks so different. I am ridiculously fascinated by his transformation and I’m glad I’m not the only one! Not only has he become much better looking, he has an entirely new personality, too! He seems happy and confident to the point of manic on recent shows. He acts like the star of the Wiggles! I do think he’s had plastic surgery because how do else you become totally unrecognizable from losing some weight and getting a tan? I’m going with dental work, a chin or jaw implant and a nose job. He might also wear colored contacts. It’s odd when an entertainer on a children’s show totally revamps his look and gets so hot, you can’t tell if he’s the same person.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Anthony went from weasly to hot, hot, hot. Definitely had work done,but who cares? I certainly enjoy looking at him!

  28. Grandma says:

    Found the Wiggles when my grandson was about 6 months old. Think they are very clever (and now very rich) men. Shame Greg had to leave, I liked him but medically it was a wise choice. Sam has grown on me but Jacob didn’t seem to notice the change he just enjoys the entertainment. Either on tele or the live show.
    Anthony appears to be a lovely man, I believe their was some issues between him and Caterina one of the Wiggly dancers, hope he stays with his family.
    Am happy they are still performing at their advanced age cause it gives a lot of pleasure to a lot of children all around the world, it will be a sad day when they stop performing live.

  29. Michele says:

    I have studied the past and present Anthony and came to these conclusions. Whiter porceline veneers on his teeth, definately been working out and taking dance lessons, better hair, maybe an eye job, a tan, and much much better lighting and makeup. Love him!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I am not a huge fan of the new Wiggles, ever since Greg left they have gone down hill. Sam is not a good fill for Greg at all, it seems like their older stuff is all original, but their newer stuff isn’t. I like the Wiggles, but they need to go back to the way they used to do things. I cringe each time I watch one of the new episodes.

  31. anonymous says:

    Have just found this blog after googling anthony. While there are differences between old and new anthony i think it can be put down to the fact he almost died on his honeymoon in 2003. He has always had weak teeth that caused alot of pain and collapsed on honeymoon. The infection in his teeth had spread to the bones in his face and he had to have them surgivally scraped of the infection. No doubt have a hole drilled in your skull and your bones scraped might attribute to some slightly differed facial features!

  32. Linda says:

    Just wanted to add my two cents. IMO, he probably had some work done…he is definitely a handsome man. I did notice that his eyes look bluer in the new episodes…contacts? I also have to agree with the better dancing and more confidence…confidence is definitely a man’s BEST accessory!

  33. megan says:

    nutty, I see this thread began two years ago and Anthony’s transformation is as salient as ever. I was thinking the more extreme end of suggested spectrum– I thought potentially contacts, definitely nose job, possible chin job, tan, haircut/ highlights (unless those are natural highlights eg going grey– I’m not sure when I think he’s had so much else done!), brow shaping and defining, and illuminating makeup.
    Definitely a looker. Sam is adorable. I came to the Wiggles post-Greg’s departure but find them both charming. Is it possible Sam looks “uninterested” being at a Wiggles concert because… he is the father of a very young child and was probably up all night? Where was the concert you attended, Sam? I saw him in a video (big big show) and he looked at the beginning like he was falling asleep, and I figured it was the effects of new parenthood. We’ve all been there.

  34. Jo says:

    Hi there guys,
    I say an interview with Anthony once. On his honeymoon he had, had work on his teeth before the wedding. He got a bad infection in his jaw and teeth and nearly died overseas.
    His jaw looks different, because they had to do work on his teeth, with changed the dimensions of how his face looked.
    Hope this has been of some help 🙂

  35. Jo says:

    Hi guys,
    you sound like your all from America. I live in Melb, Australia and am cousins with Miki. All Anthony has done is his teeth, which everyone knows about because he had an infection, overseas on his honey moon. The rest is that he got a better haircut, toned up and started working out and going to the gym.
    I reackon i look better myself after 10 years also, im not so daggy. Look at photos of yourself 10 years ago, and see if you don’t look like a big dag.
    Leave the guy alone he has a beautiful wife and 3 adorable kids. Don’t make suggestion when you guys have no clue.
    Get a life, and let the children enjoy the wiggles. Instead of women going ga, ga over him. His a happily married man!

    • Brian says:

      Jo, nobody is talking bad about Anthony at all. My wife and I have noticed some major changes as well. I don’t look that much different now than 10 years ago and neither do the other Wiggles. I can’t imagine what he went through and give him credit for making it through but he does look different and I am sure the surgeries he went through had something to do with it. My son loves the Wiggles and we are big supporters of them. Also, what’s wrong with women having a crush on him? I am sure he would be flattered to hear that as any red-blooded man would! All I’m reading on this post is how much people love him, he’s the best wiggle and does a great job so don’t get too offended because we make a few noticible observations on his facial features. If anything tell Anthony and the other Wiggles they are doing a great job and to keep up the good work!

  36. Lindsay Sharpe says:

    In my words of wisdom and this is coming out from the heart. OMG! Anthony has changed a lot but I still like him even when he’s with Sam, Murray, Jeff and I haven’t forget poor Greg, I feel sorry for Greg and the same for my best friend Anthony Field who has the same depression problem as well as I am.
    Anyway I wouldn’t laugh at the funny faces that Murray and other folks do, but I laugh with them, I always be a wiggle fan all in my life since I was 8 years old. But I can still remember the moves and the dances and I would love to get involved in Children’s entertainment as I am very good with kids. I would like to have The Wiggles to continue and I would love to have them as my entertainers and they are allo invited to my birthday, singing a special song. I would like to say hello to Sam, Murray and Jeff. especially Greg and crew

  37. HarrietGlynn says:

    Not sure there’s much to add here but in the interests of keeping this blog and conversation going I will say that SAM can dance, and that should not be underrated. Now bow to your partner, turn yourself around, Yippee!, Bear’s now asleep, sssh sssh shhh …

    Also thanks for solving the Anthony mystery.