Scattered is an Understatement

Potato News

Last week I saw a bag of pre-peeled, chopped-into-cubes potatoes, for sale at Safeway. They were called “Today’s Potatoes.” (discarded marketing slogan: Because Potatoes are HARD WORK) When I got home I went to the Today’s Potatoes website and there I learned that the International Year of the Potato (and to close the year, a MONTH LONG CELEBRATION of the potato!) has just passed! Bummer! But do go to the website and check out the bizarre photo of the shirtless man and the glowing potatoes.

Some Days I Laugh, Some Days I Cry

At breakfast yesterday…

Trombone: Ahhh, good milk.
Me: Glad you’re enjoying it
Trombone: No, Mommy, you say, Ahhh, good coffee
Me: Ahhhh..
Trombone: Mommy, no, AcccHHHHHHHHH
Trombone: Now you say, good coffee!
Me: …good coffee!
Trombone: Very good.
Me: (inside voice) Thank you Mr. Spielberg


Are you a horoscope addict like me? (I mean to the ones that are believable and give you hope instead of being so generic as to apply to your whole family including the cat? I don’t want to laugh at my horoscope. I need hope from you, horoscope.) Check out Astrobarry. He helpfully informed me that Mercury went into retrograde on January 11th (the day my parents left town; coincidence?) This explains a lot and nothing at the same time, which is just how I like my life. Half explained so I can fill in the blanks myself.

My Computer

So when my computer died months ago we had to re-install the operating system and ended up upgrading to Mac OSX.the.latest-version but didn’t buy the new iLife to go with it (iPhoto had been included in the package when I bought the laptop 20billionyearsago and I was all “hell no I won’t pay for iPhoto”) so I had all my old photos in back up and all my new photos just kind of floating around in a disorganized filing system that could be called neither filing nor a system so last week SA agreed to buy me iLife for my birthday which is still two weeks away and now I have all 20,000 (not an exaggeration) photos back on my computer in an organized album format, which is great but also a huge time suck and also a little melancholy because this hasn’t been the best couple of weeks ever, so looking at pictures of me and SA vacationing in Mexico in 2005 is really not helping.

See? Those well rested people were so well rested they decided to take a VACATION. FFS.

But then there are all the shots of my children and stuff and that is good to see. My pregnant belly in all its stages. Squalling infants that are now squalling baby and argumentative toddler. Pictures of our neighbourhood covered in snow three years running (these are going in a file called “to be shown to anyone who has the gumption to suggest that it doesn’t snow enough in the lower mainland to justify a comprehensive snow removal program, I am looking at you Burnaby Mayor, Derek Corrigan (Your Worship)”)

Trombone at the age Fresco is now:

and Trombone last week:

Yikes, right?

And there was also this photo, which I don’t remember the source for so if you happen to be the person who took the photo, go ahead and claim credit and if not, enjoy the soft serve from our dear Prime Minister (but for how much longer?) Stephen…Joseph…HARPER!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! (yay!)

(that one’s going straight out to you, my dear mother woman.)

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