Grace in Small Things – 1st of 365

I heard about Grace in Small Things through Schmutzie and I decided to participate. Lately I feel an irrepressible urge to find, grasp in my hot fists and examine closely anything resembling a bright side. If you do too, check out Grace in Small Things here.

1. One extra hour of sleep last night.

2. The baby’s hot breath against my neck as we dozed in the rocking chair.

3. My perfect, knee-high, argyle socks. So that everyone may admire them, I am tempted to roll my pants to mid-calf and wear sandals to the store.

4. Having shorter hair means the shower spray now hits directly on that place on the back of my neck.

5. Warm in bed, reading a great novel, eating chips, with a partner who loves to do the same.

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