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Technical Jackassery and the Creative Process

This is how I like to write a blog post: Have idea. Type frantically to capture idea. Add hyperlinks, if relevant. Re-read. Re-write. Re-read. Re-write. Delete. Add. Delete. Post. I hope that didn’t ruin the magic for anyone. Some of … Continue reading

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Aye She’s A Curmudgeonly One

I only cared about the Olympics once. It was the summer of 1988 and I was watching for a high diver named Dave Flewelling. I am unsure of the spelling. He had been part of an ensemble called The Great … Continue reading

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This is Why I’m Hot?

I was blessed with a surprise today. My mother and father took Trombone to their house to frolic in the garden and I went down to only 1 blade for the rest of the day and night. I read something … Continue reading

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Dear Teenagers I Passed on the Street Today

I don’t think you know how beautiful you are. I walked past you today and you were rumpled and gawky and beautiful like baby giraffes and I thought Oh to be that beautiful again but then I remembered how awful … Continue reading

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“What part do you like least?” said my friend on facebook chat (not the bachelorette friend, a more recent friend.) I hesitated, trying to think of the part of parenthood I like least. “…the screaming?” he added helpfully. “No,” I … Continue reading

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