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Needed: One Helmet, Large Toddler Size

The floor is so beautiful; the exact colour I wanted it to be. It has the effect on the room I wanted most – warmth. It works well to offset the floor-to-ceiling eggshell paint. But perhaps best of all, one … Continue reading

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I’ve always prided myself as a moderate in the office; you know, if you get close enough to me, you realize I’m a little off but from a distance I maintain myself professionally enough to “pass” as normal. I’m pretty … Continue reading

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Yesterday we went to our local video store & rented two DVDs. For the first time in my life, it was easy to choose a movie because we have seen 1 (one) movie in the past 12 (twelve) months and … Continue reading

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More with the Hilarious!

Okay, first, are they gonna make a Clerks III? (that is rhetorical and, I hope, a big, fat joke because knowing that Clerks II exists [which it does] nearly did me in) If so, me and my newly-retrieved (hooray for … Continue reading

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The Agony and the Ecstasy

There are two perfect ways to see Snakes on a Plane. (three if you’re my mother, where #3 is NOT AT ALL BECAUSE. ICK! SNAKES!) 1. The Child-Free Downtown, opening night, with 20 of your closest friends and most of … Continue reading

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