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A Nod to Our Sponsors

Anne Lamott Last week sometime I positively devoured a book by her called “Bird By Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life.” It had the peculiar effect of making me want to write. But not in an old-school, “I will … Continue reading

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Membrane Sweep: As Delightful as I Remembered and Still, No Baby

Last week my doctor said, “You want The Sweep?” (a quick go-round of the cervix, intended to stimulate labour before The Big Drugs.) And I said, “Nah – I’m OK – I’ll wait.” But then the sea changed direction and … Continue reading

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For Those About to Rub My Feet: I Salute You

Today I went to a spa. Not my natural habitat, to be sure. Saint Aardvark’s parents gave me a gift card for Christmas and I saved it till now so that I could have someone else clip my toenails at … Continue reading

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It’s Verbal Flu!

First, let me say how much I truly, madly, deeply lurve my dear Saint Aardvark the Carpeted. This morning I was doing something relatively uncomplicated on my computer, she is a sweet iBook who is 4 years old, I think, … Continue reading

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In Praise of The Good

Yesterday I was coming home on my last commuter train ever EVER YOU HEAR ME? and because I get on at the beginning of the line, I always get a seat home so I have a great view of The … Continue reading

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