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Twelve — This time For Real!

Tonight was Eli’s preschool commencement ceremony. He and Arlo decided a while back they were both wearing shirts and ties and have been practising wearing their nice clothes around the house, which resulted in many hilarious shots of dirty children in mis-buttoned white dress shirts and clip-on ties lounging on the couch watching Spongebob. Kind of like a flash forward to their eventual frat house.

So tonight was the night! Eli came downstairs in his graduation outfit: cleanish blue pants, socks, white shirt and burgundy tie with white polka dots. “Nice outfit,” I said. “Yes!” he said, “It’s my graduation! I’m going to DO IT this time!”

Note: he has not tried to graduate before.

First we saw a slideshow set to music. The mere idea of the slideshow set to music reduces me to a snivelling mess so it’s a good thing I was in the front row and no one but SA on my right and my dad on my left could see my glassy eyes.

Then the children came out and sang a selection of songs. Eli was in the front and sang and performed beautifully. Not surprising. At the end, after each child received a diploma, the MC said a few words about how wonderful the teachers are (they really are) and how much support they give to the “little ones.” Eli’s pal in the back row said something and then I heard Eli say, “YEAH. WE’RE NOT LITTLE.” And he shook his fist. There was almost an on-stage revolt, but the teachers got it all calmed down. Still, if you need a charismatic child for your protest rally, I can hook you up.

Last, of course, there was cake.

"I want my cupcake, where is my cupcake, you can take my picture if you give me my cupcake."

“I want my cupcake, where is my cupcake, you can take my picture if you give me my cupcake.”