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I am trying to keep my wits about me. I like to tell stories. I have two small children .. and my brain auto-completes that sentence to go “..and a microphone..” because my brain is very like a jukebox, but for lyrics.

I am a lyrical jukebox.

If only!

Learning to type in grade 9 was the smartest thing my dad ever recommended.

I love the following things, in no particular order:

red wine, dark chocolate, Red Rose tea with lemon, lemons, laughing, walking in the rain, stretching, spicy food, chips, hot sand under my feet, swimming in lakes, looking at the mountains, walking in the woods, writing by hand in pen, reading short story anthologies, the crunch of an excellent apple, the smell of my sons’ necks, soft wool socks, v-neck t-shirts, comfortable shoes, rock and roll, opera, the colour orange, new crayons, the stillness of two o’clock in the morning, the veins in my hands, dogs with smiling faces, tiny, irate birds, everybody’s story, the smell of tires and Sunlight soap, (not together, necessarily), bitter beer, cheese, sourdough bread, purple olives

Well now I’m hungry. Thanks, About Me page.


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  1. Diver

    Sorry to be off topic. I saw your post on your Blog from 2008. FYI David Flewwelling never made it to the Olympics. His brother Larry, also a diver, did in 88 but did not medal or make finals. Both are Canadian not American. When doing high diving shows they were introduced as American’s as it was an american high diving show.


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