Two *

* The second reason I am using numbers for titles is because I am going to try posting every day for one hundred days! Maybe this is a subliminal result of me watching the first five? seven? episodes of House of Cards, which everyone did months ago but I am a non-joiner when it comes to TV and movies, I will hold out until everyone has forgotten about a thing and then pretend I discovered it.

I liked House of Cards after it had been discovered, revered, dismantled, and then discarded, like a box of forgotten tissues in the middle of allergy season. That sort of thing.

And in the first or second episode of House of Cards, the president, sorry, President, has to deliver something within his first hundred days of office and I was thinking, “A hundred days is not so long.” Then I added up the days and one hundred days from yesterday is September 3rd. 1. That is quite long, actually, as time goes. But 2. it had a nice symmetry to it, in that this is the last month of school and when I finish one hundred days of posting it will be the first month of school.

Really what this tells us is summer vacation is just short of one hundred days long.

I suppose I could claim to want to preserve this last summer before Eli starts Kindergarten SHUT UP! I KNOW! IT’S HAPPENING! NO WAY! but really I just want to write here every day because it’s good practise.*

I can’t stand the smirk of Kevin Spacey’s mouth / I love the smirk of Kevin Spacey’s mouth.

That sort of thing.

* 100 words minimum. Because I am a freak about numbers.

2 thoughts on “Two *

  1. L.

    One-hundred days! Hooray!

    I don’t know how U.S. accents sound to Canadians, but I could not get past Spacey’s sometimes-Southern-drawl. Ick.

    1. branch Post author

      US accents sound like regions to me, mid-west, east coast, south are the ones I recognize. It kind of adds to his general smarminess, but it doesn’t stop me from watching, fascinated.

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