Overall I am not fussy about my appearance. Sometimes I think I am and then I meet people who spend much more time on personal grooming than I do and I realize I am quite low maintenance. This is fine if you always spend your time with small children and other parents of small children. Standards are low. (Maybe that’s why I stayed home so long? No, it isn’t.) Eventually you, I mean I, might have to go work in an office with people who dress properly and you/I have to wear something.

Ugh, wearing something. Not that I’d rather go to work naked because think of the germs. Also, I’m frequently cold when fully clothed so nudity in March is not for me. But figuring out what to wear vis a vis the weather, the office functions (client day or no client day), my personal style, age, and preferences, and ugh. It’s 5:45 am. Can’t I just wear my bathrobe?

I like looking nice, by my own admittedly low standards, so I’m not going to be that person who just commits to jeans and a sweatshirt and flips the bird at the boss. And I like clothes. I like having choices of clothes to wear. I like wearing clothes that make me feel comfortable, and confident, and competent. To that end, I have been doing some shopping for pants-that-aren’t-jeans-and-made-more-recently-than-2010 and have run into a predictible pants obstacle.

There is always something disagreeable about the year’s fashion choices and I had decided to embrace it rather than be mad at it. Approaching pants-shopping like “Wow, all these great pants!” instead of “Geez all the pants are stupid this year.” But there is a pant trend this year that involves pants stopping just above your ankle and I just can’t get behind it. Cropped pants that hit at the calf or just below the knee, OK. But pants that hit just above the ankle just look like they’re the wrong length. Maybe it’s because I’m tall and I’ve already spent many years dealing with “R” length pants that look too short and make me look ill-kitted. I’m not keen to look like I had a growth spurt at age 41.

There are also floral pallazo pants available for purchase this season. Seriously, a lot of them. So maybe I *could* get away with pyjamas at work?

Yeah. Bathrobe, I think. I could be The Lady Dude.

4 thoughts on “Pants. PAAANNNNTTS

  1. L.

    I clicked that link and my eyes didn’t know what was happening. They weren’t prepared despite knowing what floral and palazzo and pants all mean.

    I am glad I’ve internet-known you long enough to know that when you say “pants,” length is going to be a problem. Oh, and moto pants! Have you seen these? I ended up with some because they were $10 maternity pants, which is the right price for maternity pants. But they are “waxed” (???) and have reinforced knees. For all my pregnant motocross needs? Point of this is, watch the knees this season.

    1. branch Post author

      For ALL your pregnant motocross needs. I don’t think I have ever knelt LESS than when pregnant.

  2. Martina

    Ugh, don’t get me started on pants. I’ve been wearing skirts and dresses almost exclusively for the past two years, due to the Reasonable Pants Drought that’s been happening where I live. All you can find here are skinny pants and “cigarette” — i.e. still close-fitting — pants. I like neither. Floral palazzo pants would actually be a step up! Maybe I will buy a pair for the summer (haha, no, that’s probably not gonna happen either).

    1. branch Post author

      My favourite thing about the skinny pants is trying to get my foot OUT of them. Palazzo pants have such a pretty name for such ugly.

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