He Said

C’mere! Sit in the cardboard chair I made!

Trombone sat, briefly, got up & ran away.

Saint Aardvark shook his head. Continued whittling at the cardboard chair with his Leatherman of Doom. Reached a satisfactory point, I guess. Put the knife away and presented the chair with a flourish.

There! he pronounced. I MAKE THINGS.

Whaddaya want, your own magazine? I said. I guess they could call it: “Saint Aardvark. He Makes Things.”

It is pretty cool, though. Trombone calls it his “couch.” Note space for tape measure and water cup. And unintentionally, SA claims, the “Down Under – NZ” logo is centred on the back of the chair.

I guess some people just got the genius.

(design from here )

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