I am not making the Yoda joke. I am not making the Yoda joke. I am not making the Yoda joke.

Reverb day 18 Try. What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it? (Author: Kaileen Elise)

First, let me tell you why I skipped yesterday, which was day 17, even though the number 17 is magical and delicious.

49 % 1. It’s so magical and delicious that it can get along without me.

49 % 2. I was so tired I was crying with laughter at the bobblehead Snoopy in the car in front of me.

2% 3. Yesterday’s prompt included the phrase “going forward” which is one of my most despised phrases in the English language, right up there with “the baby’s awake,” “I smell poop,” and “so, you working hard or hardly working?”

Last year, the only thing I remember wanting to try was some kind of regular exercise routine. The first few weeks of January went fantastic and then I got sick and then it was August.


I succeeded at the aerobics, in that I tried them. It went like this. I never went back, but I am OK with that.

I would like to try: not to get sick as much.
I would like to try: all different brands of gin!
I would like to try: a food? But not yogurt.

Skydiving? I feel like I should say skydiving, yet I have absolutely no interest in skydiving.


Reading a book of science fiction?

How about this. How about I will try the next thing that appears. Unless it’s yogurt.

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13 Responses to Try

  1. The honesty & wit in your response made me smile! I hope you come upon many wonderful things to try in 2011. Except for yogurt 😉

  2. noel says:

    Your approach on this take is so fresh! Love it!

  3. Arwen says:

    Wait. You have never read a book of science fiction?

    • cheesefairy says:

      I have read two (2) William Gibson books. I have read “Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grill.” I think that’s it.

  4. Joanna says:

    How about Greek yogurt with honey? Would that sway you to the joys of yogurt? Mmmm … yogurt.

  5. Liz says:

    If you decide what you are going to try is a science fiction book, I would be only too happy to co-consult with Arwen, because there are all kinds of science fiction. Some of it is good and some of it is…not.

  6. Amber says:

    I am impressed that you were able to refrain from making the Yoda joke. I’m not sure that I could have, in all honesty.

  7. eva says:

    My sci-fi recommendation is more dystopia than sci-fi, but that’s close enough for me – try “The Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula Leguin. SO SO GOOD. She is brilliant.

    And really, yogurt? Not for you? Huh.

  8. eva says:

    oh Leguin is feminist sci-fi from the ’60s if that helps. And I generally refuse to try any sci-fi.

  9. Ginger says:

    I basically made the Yoda joke as soon as I saw the title in my reader, so good on you for refraining throughout writing the post.

    And what about frozen yogurt, does that count? 😉

  10. EarnestGirl says:

    I too loved the honesty in this. Yes, do try the next thing.

    Am going to try not to make myself feel defeated by creating lists of things I will try to do each day – get up earlier/do more yoga/write/write more/eat less/write better/pay that bloody parking ticket/write gratitude daily (yes I think I ought to, then I scoff at myself, then I don’t do it at all, ever, and feel I’ve let myself down/remember to do that thing I’ve m meant to for weeks – I am going to try to live the ‘do one thing & do it well’ motto in 2011.

    That is the first time I’ve truly articulated this even to my secret non-scoffing self. Huh. Thanks.

    But the yogurt thing? We may have to break up.