Cake and Truth (and Freedom!)

I fetched Trombone from his nap today; lifted him out of the crib onto the floor and then fell into the rocking chair, panting. He proceeded to bring me his stuffed animals, one at a time.

“Hug bear.”
“OK, I’ll hug the bear…”
“Hug DOG” (the dog having just, post-nap, started being referred to as “dog” instead of “wa-wa;” holy crap that’s some restorative nap!)
“OK, I’m hugging the dog…”
“Hug BOBO!”
“OK my arms are full now…there’s no room for anyone else!”
“Well, yes, the baby is already taking up a lot of room.”
“Baby come. Have CAKE!”

This morning, I learned, SA was discussing with Trombone how the baby would come and we would sing happy birthday (and maybe a little bit of hallelujah? or is that just me?) and then we would have cake. Which, as has been demonstrated over the past three months, is the whole point of a birthday.

I so agree.

In other “funny stuff my kid said” news, this morning I tied a scarf around my head to keep my in-between-length bangs out of my eyes. Trombone looked at me and said, “Mummy! Poop!”

I was not pooping at the time; I feel the need to clarify this.

A few minutes later I was taking a picture of my belly to compare to last time’s belly (summary: this belly = pointy, last time’s belly = round) and I took one of my face as well, intending to delete it or file it someplace far, far away.

And then, surfing ye olds later today I came across a dare; a Self Portrait of Truthiness dare started by a couple of great bloggers and taken by many other great bloggers (see list below) and since I want to be a great blogger too and this seems like the easiest way, I decided to go ahead and post my poopy headbanded head and the rest below it.

You can be sure that, as I do not wear makeup this year, this is as good as it’s going to get all day. Well, except I would never wear that scarf out of the house.


I love the idea of this dare because 1. it’s cool to see what internet people look like and I couldn’t care less if they’re wearing mascara or not; 2. it’s more real than any goddamn soap ad and is not selling anything; 3. the only way to fight the airbrushed propaganda of “stinky pits will ruin your life / real, human skin needs to be covered up or sliced and re-sewn until it looks more like something else / careful not to let yourself go, girlfriend, or you’ll deserve whatever your man/woman does to you and be in for a whole heap o trouble” is to present viable alternatives.

Here are a bunch of viable alternatives:

Her Bad Mother
Breed ‘Em & Weep
Mrs. Flinger
Oh, The Joys
Blog Chocolate
(There is also a flickr group.)

And you can do it too! G’wan. This face wants you to and who could resist this face? (cough)

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