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Peace and Quiet

We’re in a phase right now where Fresco needs jiggling to sleep. If you put him down in the crib, he flips and whether or not he can flip back is incidental; it just doesn’t occur to him. He likes … Continue reading

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Like Marijuana Leads to Heroin

Jack Johnson relaxes me. Does this make me a) on a downhill run to becoming someone who pays money to see Celine Dion in concert (incidentally, she has covered a Heart song, note for note, for why?) b) overtaxed and … Continue reading

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A Fool Like Me

Last week I went to my daytime workplace jobtype office and had a visit with the people I like there. Fresco was on his best behavior. He smiled, he giggled, he played nice. He fussed a bit, he slept a … Continue reading

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Record of Semi-Bliss

Is there anything better than an ornery infant finally sleeping, an attention-deprived genius toddler being bathed by his father, a pizza on the way and a well-respected, icy cold gin and tonic in hand on a Friday night? I am … Continue reading

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“What part do you like least?” said my friend on facebook chat (not the bachelorette friend, a more recent friend.) I hesitated, trying to think of the part of parenthood I like least. “…the screaming?” he added helpfully. “No,” I … Continue reading

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