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No attention span and no ideas. Can’t keep eyes open. Feel like remains of accident = person v. truck. Bullet post! Three wishes! I want a hyberbaric chamber to sleep in. Every morning I wake up feeling more like road … Continue reading

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Three Shocks I Recently Experienced

Petty Shock Some of you may know that I am adversely affected by electric shocks and static electricity. I have this Tourette’s sort of reaction; if shocked by a car door or a key in a lock or (grrrr) bad … Continue reading

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Three Thoughts from the Road

– Y’know, sir, your bumper sticker “I’m only speeding because I have to poop!” would be a lot funnier if you weren’t driving 30 kph. No, no, it’s not a school zone or anything. It’s just a regular road, in … Continue reading

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Three Magical Things Spotted On Our Afternoon Walk

Elvis Presley disguised as a Japanese man smoking a cigarette. Sideburns. Glasses. Glittery gold vest. 1:30 pm on a suburban side street. Another suburban side street called Oliver, disguised as an alley, ending after three houses in a large field … Continue reading

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