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Hippo was born at 7:20am this morning, and weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces. Despite what Cheesefairy and I both thought, he turned out to be a boy. Mother is well, Hippo is well, and Trombone is enjoying his new role … Continue reading

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Cover Me, Molly

We’re going in. Taurus baby to follow.

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Membrane Sweep: As Delightful as I Remembered and Still, No Baby

Last week my doctor said, “You want The Sweep?” (a quick go-round of the cervix, intended to stimulate labour before The Big Drugs.) And I said, “Nah – I’m OK – I’ll wait.” But then the sea changed direction and … Continue reading

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PS: It’s Not A Baby

But it is a hippo and my belly, as spotted today. Her name is Francine.

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No Baby Yet. But Thanks for Dropping By!

This morning I was flipping through the baby name book, “A Treasury of Baby Names” by Alan Benjamin. This is the book where we found Trombone’s name (because Tuba was too common!) so I thought perhaps his sibling’s name might … Continue reading

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