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Roomies Wanted!

There’s a house in our neighbourhood that recently went through an extreme makeover. It took a few months. I don’t remember what it looked like before but it was gradually transformed into a beautiful, heritage style house; all burgundy paint … Continue reading

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If I Was My Doctor

Well, first I would find someone qualified to fill in for me when I went on vacation. Not my second cousin who happens to be in Vancouver and needs something to do during the day. But since that didn’t seem … Continue reading

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No Baby Yet. But Thanks for Dropping By!

This morning I was flipping through the baby name book, “A Treasury of Baby Names” by Alan Benjamin. This is the book where we found Trombone’s name (because Tuba was too common!) so I thought perhaps his sibling’s name might … Continue reading

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It Continues

Me: So the meeting time we’ve settled on is 8 am pacific time Her: Uh – what’s that in OUR time? Me: …. Her: …. Me: That would be 11 am your time. Her: Oh, OK. Out of 7 people, … Continue reading

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You Know, Like, Philosophically Far Away

While I may be skilled at setting arbitrary deadlines, apparently as I enter my 35th year of life, I am still as suckass as ever at actually meeting them. Somewhere in the blur that was yesterday, following not enough sleep, … Continue reading

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