I Promised Patio Lanterns

Can you see them, all stretched across the front of this page? Blue, orange, purple, red, blowing slightly in the OH GOD IT’S NOVEMBER WHO HAS PATIO LANTERNS OUT ON THEIR BLOG IN NOVEMBER.

Patio Lanterns. Kim Mitchell Styleee.


Last week I was sitting around thinking about myself, as I do, and I thought, “It might be fun to blog again for November. November is traditional pulling-out-all-the-stops-and-hair month as concerns blogging and writing and I could do it. Just one month.”

The next day, totally unpredictably, my laptop computer died. Of course I took this as a sign that I should definitely blog every day in November, despite not having blogged since February, and I would just write up the blog posts in my (handy dandy) notebook with my pen and then type them up into Saint Aardvark’s computer, which I was borrowing, later in the evening and walla! Blogging! Again!

After day two of using SA’s computer, which is like an old VW Bug being held together — barely — with tape and spit and good wishes, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would not be typing anything on that machine at the end of the day because a) the trackpad is slow and wonky b) the lid just kind of..lies down periodically (backwards) and c) come on. Really? I have enough time to draft a post BY HAND in the morning and then rewrite it in the evening? Have I met me?

Have I met me? Wow. Good question.

Not only all of that, above, there, but SA’s computer is located in the living room portion of our open plan living room dining room kitchen area, and the living room is traditionally the Zone of the Children, so when I sat down in their Zone to do some important Tweeting, it was kind of like walking into a monkey cage at the zoo and bringing your statistics homework for something to read.

“Whatcha doing?” asked Fresco, now 4.5 years old, perched on my shoulder, I am not even kidding, “Can I see? Can I type? Can I play SuperTux?” (that’s Open Source version of Supermario and it’s pretty cool but NO you can’t play it all the time whenever this computer is awake.)

The next day or something, we decided to buy a new laptop so we went to Future Shop because they had the best prices and selection, and picked this one out. It’s pretty nice.  If we stay on the car spectrum, it’s a hatchback Kia. But it has working wipers and stereo and it’s clean and doesn’t need much gas.

With a pine-scented air freshener dangling from the rear-view mirror.

I am going to try out blogging again for a month and see what happens. As it turns out, it’s hard to choose a new name and title for a blog when you’re at the end of the blogging timeline … all the clever stuff has been done and the stuff you think is clever is not, on reflection, and you just want to get something up dammit because it’s November 1st, so I guess what I’m saying is: forgive the title, it might change, or it might not, all is fluid, kind of like the cold November Rain.


11 thoughts on “I Promised Patio Lanterns

  1. Hannah

    You may have the only blog on the internet that contains two earworms IN THE TITLE. I’m swaying gently back & forth and singing now. (“nothing lasts forever, and we both know hearts can change”).

    I only know you on Twitter, and you’re a hoot there. Keen to make your bloggy acquaintance, too. 🙂

  2. Nicole Boyhouse

    Yay! You’re blogging! With pine scented air freshener no less.

    Patio lanterns is the second worst song in the history of the world. First worst song? Might As Well Go For A Soda.

  3. elswhere

    SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU AGAIN ON THE INTERWEBZ. ahem. excuse shouting. but this blog might be one of the thin threads holding me to sanity this cold rainy overcommitted November. No pressure, I mean, there are many threads. But this is definitely one of them. If you’re looking for a raison de blogging or anything.

  4. Zen Render

    Oh yay! Happy to see that you’re back. I’ve also been on hiatus for an oobliboobillion months, but since it’s still the first of the month, maaaaaaaaybe I’ll NaBloPomoHoboHumpinSloboBabe as well. Or whatever it’s called. Hooray for RSS autocheckers like Sage that I keep demanding to install on any installation of Firefox I get my mitts on.

    Also hooray for new laptops. This IS the month of HDDs dying suddenly. I had TWO go last week, AND the drive in a licensing server go the week before that, so let’s all quietly check our backups in smug happiness, and nod sagely to ourselves as we do it.

  5. Pat

    Looking fwd to reading about the comings and goings of life wayyyyyyyyyy out there. And the kids, stories about the kids. Oh ya and of course we’re glad your back.

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