Ninety-Seven — Work Day

“You’re so quiet,” say the people at work.
“Am I?” I ask. “Should I be hollering?”
“Yes!” they say. “You should!”

There is a woman who works in the office and she is so loud I can hear her coming from the parking lot. Last week she was in a room that shares a wall with my desk. She was photocopying, or trying to. She doesn’t usually photocopy things.

“GODDAMN IT!” I heard. I moved my papers around on my desk and smiled a little.
“MOTHER FUUUUCKER! COME ON! COME ON!” She banged something. The copier rattled churlishly.

If I could type in something louder than all caps, I would. She’s that loud.

I love that it’s acceptable to shout swear words in the office where I work. I’ll probably hold my tongue for another month or so, if only because the paper I have to move around requires all my concentration at the moment, but knowing that letting a curse word slip free will endear me to rather than estrange me from the people I work with goes a long way to making me feel comfortable and like I have found a place I could stay a while.

3 thoughts on “Ninety-Seven — Work Day

  1. jaqbuncad

    Hah! Finding a work culture that suits one is fantastic. The last office job I held was quite casual, as we only had clients actually visit once in a blue moon – as long as we weren’t on the phones assisting anyone, we were free to be as bawdy as we liked. And given that two of our supervisors were part of a local Rocky Horror theatre troupe, that could get quite bawdy indeed.

  2. L

    E said “fucked up” in speech class. It’s a long story, how that happened. Starts with me saying, back when E couldn’t get the hang of initial consonants, that I would praise the day he finally said “fuck,” and EVERYONE telling me it would come back to bite me, and me saying I didn’t care.

    His speech therapist, as it turns out, is pretty religious. Came back the next week wearing a gold cross, which makes me think maybe she thinks my kid is a little bit evil. So I guess I do care, if only because I’m sad that he totally freaked her out, but I’m not entirely sorry.

    I’m glad there are no gold crosses among your office mates.

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