4 — Explorers

Two weeks ago, the Queen’s Park neighbourhood Garage Sale happened. It’s an annual event where several city blocks take part in a garage sale and people wander through a very nice, old neighbourhood. It’s a lovely walk. We always go. Usually we toss the kids a dollar each and they come home with plenty of deals. This year they got two dollars each and came home with hockey cards (which, when asked, Eli admitted he doesn’t collect, but that he might start..NOW) and some other stuff that I’ve already forgotten because it’s been absorbed into our house full of stuff where more stuff is definitely not needed.

Contents of Closet

(this is what was in our hall closet, besides all the coats. Don’t worry, I cleaned it up.)

Arlo and his friend from school set up a cookie-selling table at a house near his friend’s house and made $34 which they split down the middle. Despite making 1/4 of the cookies, I did not see a red cent! But was informed that a lot of people chose my cookies. I will accept this as payment, THIS YEAR.

Eli said, make your funniest face! So. Yeah.

Eli said, make your funniest face! So. Yeah.

When we were nearly home, a kind (?) woman who was walking past us said, “Oh! Boys! There’s a FREE BASEBALL BAT across the street!” and Arlo got there first so now he owns a baseball bat.

Real Wood!

A couple days later the kids decided they would go out in the morning before school and explore our local environs, knowing always to not go through any gates or on to anyone’s private property. Arlo needed to dress the part, so he came downstairs in his shorts and fleece jacket, with binoculars and a backpack. Eli followed suit. At the last minute, Arlo decided he also needed his baseball bat.


There are a couple of new hoodlums in town.