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This morning we bought a new stroller. One of these . It is orange!

Seriously, I know you don’t believe me, but it wasn’t going to be orange. I was ready to buy the green one because Saint Aardvark liked the green one and he never gets to choose. But the stroller is a two-parter: the single stroller and the double kit that attaches to it for the second child and none of the BC stores had any double kits that weren’t orange. Apparently, no one wants orange but me. I don’t know why. And I guess I could have mixed; had a green stroller with an orange attachment but you know how you all just winced, reading that? Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking.

Bright points about this stroller:

– it is no wider than a normal stroller
– but it seats two children
– it has TIRES, not little plastic wheels
– and an adjustable handle
– and there is a flap in the hood where you can reach through and poke your kid in the head while you’re walking

not-so-bright points:

– orange is a Very Bright Colour and there might be days when my stroller and I clash philosophically
– it doesn’t stand on its own when you fold it
– the instruction manual was quite poor – thankfully I am married to someone who has a gift for spatiality and interpreting obscure commands
– apparently, I’m not supposed to jog or skate with it. Also, it’s not a flotation device. I guess now I have to sell the damn sailboat.

That’s all I can really say, having not yet taken it outside. I can offer a critique of our experience at TJ’s Kiddie’s World, which is a strange store in that its strollers are all decently priced but everything else is as much as it costs at babysaurus. (Wait, this all feels familiar. Yes, yes I have posted about TJs before.)

We found the stroller we went to find and we drove Trombone around in the store a few times and then Trombone and I spent some time sitting on beds and playing with a really fun wooden play stove and sink. SA spent 20 minutes looking for a salesperson to ask if he could take the stroller out and around the block because never having owned a three-wheeler before, he was wondering if he would like the way it handled over curbs and short pedestrians.

Once he found her, the salesperson said no, you cannot take this stroller outside.

SA asked about their return policy.

She said that with an sale item (a piddly $50 off but whatever) our option would be to exchange it, not refund, but ONLY if the stroller had not been used.

And if it had been used? Well hey, that’s your stroller now. Enjoy.

1. The people who work at TJs need to identify themselves as staff. They’re all wandering around, putting things on shelves, taking them off, mingling like civil servants at a free lunch, but I was shocked, standing at the counter for a few minutes, to note that approximately half of the people in the store were staff. I had assumed they were customers because they had that vague, stare-y look about them that people get when they are trying to decide between bassinet A and bassinet B and they don’t know if the bassinet will really make a difference but if it doesn’t make a difference then why are there so damn many of them!

(overheard –

pregnant customer: but what is this strap for?
staff: so you can secure the baby
pregnant customer: but why would I need to STRAP THE BABY IN to the bassinet? It’s sleeping!
staff: Right, but, it’s just there as a safety feature
pregnant customer: oh my god! mom? did you see this?)

2. I clarified with her when I paid; “not been used” means all the bits and pieces are exactly as you found them in the box. Ready to sell to the next person as brand new. Sort of impossible to do with a stroller that requires assembly in a city such as this one with its winter on.

3. I do understand why they don’t refund or exchange. Everybody wants a brand new stroller. Nobody wants the one that’s not all sealed up pretty. Not for $500 anyway.

4. So what the fuck is with the “no test drive” policy? You have two floor models sitting out here that you are not going to sell for full price (I hope) so take my credit card, take my driver’s license, hell, take my HUSBAND and put him to work stocking shelves if you want, and I will go drive around the block and see if I like this $500 stroller enough to commit to buying it!

However, with this particular stroller, about which I have done some research (all reviews applicable to our situation were positive) and which is rarely for sale on craigslist (I have been watching for months) and when it is for sale on craigslist, sells in a matter of days, we decided to take the chance.

And the staff is very helpful, once you’re on their radar.

And there was a very cute child-sized armchair that Trombone grew very attached to but I think we’re going to make him one out of the cardboard box the stroller came in because that way we don’t have to pay $119 for a child-sized armchair.

Speaking of, he’s been asleep long enough. Time to orange-up the Mizzle!

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