I mean, there’s war. There’s some asshat stabbing people downtown for no (good) reason. (but it looks like he’s been caught) There’s this guy on CNN every day and for some reason it’s always him when we’re flipping channels. Yesterday’s commemorative address re: 9/11 was quite spectacular, in a “wow – someone actually BUYS those t-shirts with the eagle superimposed on the firefighter superimposed on the american flag?” kind of way. But I kind of feel like you all can do your own critiquing of those things. Unless you’re LAZY. You’re not LAZY are you?

Speaking of lazy, I am glad the new season of television is starting. Will I be able to sit through another cycle of Top Model? Does a unicorn laugh at you when you look away?

See: oatmeal. See also: my brain is.

In lieu of a post involving ideas and clever turns of phrase, here I offer you some of the links I read regularly.

A little pregnant and her friend so close. Documentation of each woman’s experience with infertility, loss and eventual successful pregnancy and parenthood. They are incredibly strong women and excellent writers.

A woman who likes ducks like me but is way smarter than me. And another who maintains the Extended Cake Mix. Very funny stuff.

Plus, these people watch more 90210 than me. And that makes me feel fantastic.

Something else that makes me feel fantastic but which isn’t a website? Poori chips. They come in a bag from the Indian Life food company. They’re like if you squished a bunch of samosas into a flat pancake. And then cut the pancake into rectangular strips about 3″ x 1″ each. And then deep fried the strips. So good. I tried in vain to locate them on the website above so that you might at least see them but rest assured, I type these words with greasy fingers and cumin breath.

Aaaanddddd that’s all I’ve got. Trombone is in the swing. He has been swinging and staring at me for 25 minutes but now his eyes are starting to droop a little. Damn – now he’s got the hiccups. Daytime Nap Quest continues.

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