So ich eröffne den Blog

Loosely translated: Thus I open the Blog
Stolen from this guy.

I love umlauts. (especially heavy metal umlauts.) So much so that I prefer to refer to Trombone’s pet ookpik as an “umlaut.” Well, he doesn’t know. As long as it keeps telling him whatever it tells him, he’s happy. (it makes an authentic ookpik call when you squeeze it. He has beeen under the ookpik’s spell for several weeks now.)

Yesterday we turned a corner. The cranky, cry-y, screamy baby turned normal again except for waking up from his (long! baby started napping again during the day!) naps as though a viper had bit his bum. Considering he got four (4!) needles on Thursday evening, I consider this progress.

I have a new book to explain things to me: The Wonder Weeks – How to Turn Your Baby’s 8 Great Fussy Phases into Magical Leaps Forward. I read about the book at Ask Moxie back around week 5 of Trombone’s life, when he got weird and fussy and started yelling for no reason. Sources said, “babies do that,” but I thought there might be more and since sources also said that growth spurts (and associated fussiness) happened at weeks 3 and 6, I went digging. Moxie explained that she had found a lot of valuable information in The Wonder Weeks so I ordered it from Abe Books, The Internet’s neato used bookstore.

Seriously, go look for a book there. They’ll have it. (Oh, but I do love to browse used bookstores. Just not with a fussy infant.)

According to this book, (and substantiated by real evidence collected by me) Trombone has just finished his post-Week 8 developmental growth spurt fussy phase and now will be delightful until he enters his Week 12 developmental growth spurt fussy phase. Stay tuned. It may or may not be true, but it offers me REASONS for things and this helps me cope.

As does this:

and this:

Happy 10 weeks, baby.

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