April is Awesome

I have decided that April is the month of sweetness and light. I mean, there’s already more light. There are mornings when I wake up and it’s light outside. Like today. I only slept until 6:40 and the sky was bright. Remember, a few weeks ago, when the sky was dark until 8 am? I DO.

Three Awesome things for April:

1. The First of April is a significant day for our house, because it’s the day we moved in, five years ago. I probably wouldn’t remember this except we signed a five year term on our mortgage so we had to sign another one last week. Here is the post about the day we moved in. BONUS: Photos of a pregnant me sitting in our bathtub. We have been homeowners for five years! Yay us! PS: No, that hoody I’m wearing in the picture is NOT the brown hoody I wore yesterday.

2. This morning the children were having the following conversation re: their breakfast, which was re-toasted pancakes.

Trombone: Oooh, a green plate!
Fresco: I want the green plate!
T: NO, I want the green plate.
F: Me! The green plate! Me!
T: My favourite colour is green. So I GET THE GREEN PLATE.
F: I Said It First.

You get the idea.

Yesterday, in March, I would have snapped, “You’ll get the plate you’re given and you’ll LIKE IT.” But today is April. Today I happened to be listening to Oldies Radio station, CISL 650 (Because, in Fresco’s words, The News Is Boring) and it was playing “You’re the Inspiration” by Peter Cetera and guess what? I still know all the words! So while they argued, I sang. Eventually they noticed.

F: Mommy stop singing that song.
Me: And I know – yes I know – yes I know that it’s meant to be-ahhhhh
Me: Nope. Gotta keep singing. There’s only love when we’re togethaaaaaaa

I know, intellectually and from experience, that ignoring them when they bicker is the best way to get them to stop. But the ignoring part is so hard. Singing Peter Cetera works! It’s hard to think about anything else when you’re singing Peter Cetera. Unless, I guess, you’re Peter Cetera, in which case maybe you think about your laundry.

Then, one of them got a green plate. The other one didn’t. I didn’t give a damn.

3. Apologies if there is still eight feet of snow where you are. Here, we had some sunshine and some warm weather this week. Not much. Just a little. Just enough to make the Gorgeous Wonderful Magnolia Tree think about blooming. Wonderful! < /sarcasm > And so, new freaky spring-fevery photos from the porch.

Isn’t April going to be great? If you agree, tell me why!

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