To Avoidance: And Beyond!

Beyond avoidance. What should you have done this year but didn’t because you were too scared, worried, unsure, busy or otherwise deterred from doing? (Bonus: Will you do it?) (Author: Jake Nickell)

Easy. Gone to the doctor. I wrote it down on my monthly to-do list every single month this year.

Will I do it? What, right now? While you wait? No. Probably not. It’s complicated. I have a doctor I hate. I have a prospective doctor I might like but haven’t met yet. There are walk-in clinics but it’s flu season. There’s nothing wrong with me.

As Bon Jovi would say, “…nothing a little shot can’t cure.”

I should also take the children to the doctor. For check ups. You know. They have up-to-date shots and there’s nothing wrong with them either, except for the it’s-almost-Christmas cold that is hovering over our house like a scowling cloud full of snot, (was that a drop I just felt?) but I still feel like I should have them checked up. What if there’s something wrong with them and I don’t even know it?

Obviously I don’t think there is anything wrong with them enough to actually get their little butts to a doctor, so not much point worrying, is there.

Action item: I am Taking Charge of my Health in 2011. Doctor, dentist, all that business. I believe so strongly in An Ounce of Prevention and yet here I am, legs crossed, arms folded, 800 moles, shaking my head. As the Leap Frog Bilingual Fridge Farm (yes!) says, on its French setting, silly gallou! *

* At least that’s what I think it says. On the English setting, it says “That’s silly.” In French it sounds like “silly gallou.” And the Leapfrog lady’s voice has this little chuckle in her voice, like, you silly duffer. A sheep pig? Come on.**

** I should maybe explain the toy: it’s got animal magnets and they’re cut in half and you can match them on the toy and the toy sings you a song or if you put the head of the sheep and the rear of the pig it sings you a different song and tells you you’re silly.

I kind of love this toy more than I should. One of our former child-neighbours had one and she carried it around the courtyard with her and I just thought it was so charming. Last year when Fresco got a gift card for Christmas I took him shopping and strongly
encouraged *** him to choose the Bilingual Fridge Farm.

*** And he did! Wow, that would totally not happen this year.

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