I Have Just Five Minutes

5 minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

Handy, because I really do just have five minutes. Fresco just got out of his crib and came downstairs. For the first time ever. It was hard not to congratulate him, he was so very proud of himself. I blame t, for making a related comment yesterday. Whatever, she just had her third baby. That’s no excuse.

Five minutes go.

Our Christmas tree and pulling all the old ornaments out for the first time in years. Ten long days alone with the kids, finding our groove and even enjoying ourselves a little bit. Watching the four year old preschool class greet each other In September like old friends at a bar. Seeing old friends again in Saskatoon this summer and playing Very Precise Playmobil with my goddaughter and her sister. Trips to Barnet Marine Park, tossing sticks and stones at the grey water and waiting for the sun to crest the mountains. Running through my neighbourhood and feeling my heart pump with red blood. Learning about the process of second drafts, which often involves rewriting from a different point of view, only to discard. Blogging less. Writing fiction again. Less sickness. More headaches. Weaning my last child. Realizing it’s been four years since my body was my own. Keeping things clean. Learning more about superheroes than I ever thought I would at this late stage in life. Watching my boys become brothers. Having perfect conversations with my husband. Mourning with my family. The long, long drive to Manitoba and back. Motel swimming pools and roadside lunches. How to find a crappy old playground in any highway-side town in Western Canada. Dinosaurs. Heat waves. Finally finding a hair stylist I love – she was in a basement all along. Making friends in my city and starting to feel at home here. Gordon Campbell resigned! So did Carole James! BC is still idiotic, politically. Almost buying a house in Saskatoon for $319,000. Coming home instead.

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