Happy Hybrid Holidays!

Just in case you find explaining to your small children such contentious (and lengthy!) topics as Christmas Mania and Holidays With Presents vs. Holidays Without Presents and Mythical Figures that Some People Believe in But Others Don’t just a bit too easy, I present, courtesy of the SkyMall Catalogue (which is courtesy of SA’s trip on an airplane a month ago): “Kneeling Santa By Jesus* in Manger Lawn Display That Lights Up, Of Course.” (possibly not its real title)


Because, and I quote from the catalogue, “…it expresses the true focus of Christmas.”

I’ll say! I mean, yes, there is some argument about what the true focus of Christmas is, but I guess if you put the competing arguments in the same lawn ornament, that’s it. You’re done.

The only thing that would make this better is if the Baby Jesus could say, possibly in a grown up voice, “Santa! What’d you bring me?”

That’s pretty much it. I have the SkyMall Catalogue on my kitchen counter, open to this picture and every time I walk by, I chuckle a little and so I get through my day, one chuckle at a time.

* note that the description in the catalogue does not name the baby in the lawn ornament as Jesus. So it might not be Baby Jesus. It might be some random baby that Santa is bringing a toy for. An organic teether, perhaps. Dunno. My own baby is getting gin from Santa.

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5 Responses to Happy Hybrid Holidays!

  1. Beth says:

    I would definitely say it’s Jesus. Only he can carry off the swaddling clothes in a manger thing. Maybe it’s not really Santa. Maybe that’s the landlord of the inn or one of the wise men. Yeah, one of the wise men, and Clement Moore totally stole his idea for Santa’s clothes from the wise men.

  2. kyooty says:

    maybe it’s Santa’s Son?
    Maybe Santa is a wiseman? (not in the bible I’ve been reading but it’s all about interpretation)

  3. OMG, that is ridiculous. And by ridiculous, of course, I mean RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME.

  4. miranda says:

    awesomely heinous! and really horrible – that’s some wad of symbolism. for your lawn! move aside, offensive lawn jockey.

    i ADORE the skymall catalogue, in all it’s cook-hotdogs-while-swimming and didn’t-i-see-that-on-tv glory. oh, the horrors, the delightful horrors.

  5. Um, wow? Yes, wow, I think just about covers it.