Let’s Catch Up With A Nice, Bulleted Post!

  • We met a baby on the weekend who is 8.5 months old and has THIRTEEN TEETH? I saw them. I counted them. That’s crazy. Fresco is still working (very hard!) on number 4 tooth. I think his tumble last week actually pushed it back in his head. On the bright side, he is now refusing to go down the stairs unless I am there. Smarter than a cat! Yay!
  • He has also learned to say “Mawwwwww!” which makes him sound like a bleating lamb but is really his call for me. For the cat he says “kiiikiiii” with a kind of gutteral, phlegm-clearing on the “k” and a big scream of excitement at the end. Everything else is “gahhhh!” or “gahhhh?” or “GAHHHHHHH,” accompanied by pointing.
  • Trombone tried telling Fresco he was using an outside voice today and to stop it. That went over predictably well. Then he told me to stop laughing at him because he wasn’t being funny. So I did. But I kept laughing a little bit inside. My truffle-seeking piglet but this has been a long year.
  • Fresco slept through the night again last week. Then he woke up every two or three hours all night for the rest of the week.
  • Trombone and I had a big fight about his quilt.
  • I have started contributing to a new group blog, which is still under construction but has a gadzillion posts already. I should have a new post up tomorrow morning. I am in very good company there with some excellent Canadian writers.
  • Part of my silence here, lately, has been due to the need to find content for my posts there. And of course once there is pressure (the slightest, teensiest bit of pressure) to write something on a topic, even one as vague as “motherhood,” subtopic, “Canadian,” my brain seizes up and says no. You cannot write that. Or that. Or that. You suck! Shut up.

    But I got over it.

  • The other part of my silence here has been due to scheduling conflicts between me and the children.
  • I remember being in the place where buying those running shoes seemed like a good idea. (and that was only a month ago? Yeesh!) I think I must have been high. No, I remember, that was in the lull between colds. When you haven’t blown your (or anyone else’s) nose for two days straight you get COCKY.
  • But: the new babysitter mentioned in that above-linked post moved in next door on Sunday. Her family did a very smart thing. They hired all her teenage friends to heft boxes. They just moved from the building across the street so there was this steady stream of teenagers carrying boxes, like an army of giant ants, back and forth, forth and back, and then it was all done. Maybe I will wait until my children are teens and then use all their friends to move. By then we might be able to afford a bigger place that is not in Abbotsford. What could it possibly cost; 200, 300 bucks in pizza?
  • Today the children are sleeping. I rubbed Thai green curry paste into a pork roast and am hoping that it will taste good once it’s cooked. Nothing to do now but move forward.

Or, you know, around in circles, if that’s more your thing.

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