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Uptown / Summer in the City

New Westminster has a downtown. It’s the area around Columbia Street, by the riverside. It’s all old-style, narrow streets (possibly even cobbled? anyone?) and alleys and downtown stuff like poor people, drug addicts, a skytrain station (two, actually) and now, … Continue reading

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Moments – June 24, 2008

I am living in the moment. How very peace & love of me, no? Live for the now, appreciate each second? Nah. I am living in the moment because I can’t remember the past and because I have no idea … Continue reading

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My Inside Voice Has Its Say After The Morning’s Events

To the friendly, slightly creepy book-shelver at the library: Yes, my children are a blessing. And yes, they may or may not be a gift from god. Sure, the little one might become prime minister some day (but would I … Continue reading

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We Subscribe for The Articles

There is a small card jammed in the middle of every wonderful issue of TV Week Magazine. It displays a crazy knick knack for sale. You know; sandal pendant inspired by the “Footprints” poem (? – as in, is it … Continue reading

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Like a Prairie Storm

There has been sickness at our house. Not as much sickness as Sarah and her family but a strange, cough-led illness descended a few weeks ago. SA’s mom had it. Then I got it. Then his dad got it. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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