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Have you ever seen someone singing along to the radio in their car? It is the most hilarious, wonderful thing, I think. I love to see people enjoying their lives. As long as the window is rolled up and I … Continue reading

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Spring, Children

Dear Kiddos, When I was pregnant with you – both of you – I had this fantasy. It involved me, you, a warm park, birds chirruping and kids laughing in the distance while you and I examined blades of grass, … Continue reading

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Against The Wind

This morning when Trombone was in school I took Fresco for a walk in the wind and sun so he would fall asleep and maybe dream he was in Newfoundland in July (I hear it’s windy there). Among the usual … Continue reading

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Three Bad Things (and One Good)

1. We all got colds a few weeks ago and there was a lot of coughing. It was that cold, the one that’s going around, where you cough for weeks afterward. I know y’all have had it because I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Outside, February

The past couple days have been splendid here in our corner of the world; mild temperatures and no rain and we don’t need to go far to enjoy the outdoors because we live near many parks. Unfortunately, even with mild … Continue reading

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