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Julie’s Five Things: A Black Ballpoint Pen

( Part One) Julie waited three days before calling the phone number on the flyer. She spent those three days alternately wishing for more gumption and continuing to regret the gumption she had already shown. She plucked her grey chin … Continue reading

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Notes From Mother’s Journal: Keeping Energy Levels High Edition

Since the trip to the library: – We made it to preschool, finally, after a professional day, a stat holiday and a Barf Day, all of which added up to a long ten (thousand!) days of no school. Children are … Continue reading

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Julie’s Five Things

Julie looked at herself in the bathroom mirror while she made her pledge, trying not to be distracted by the moles on her face that had recently started to sprout grey hairs. She remembered the days where her moles and … Continue reading

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