If You Don’t Vote, You Can’t Complain

One of the things I noticed first after our move to New Westminster was the abundance of hair cuttery-type establishments. One day Saint Aardvark and I went for a long walk along 6th Street (one of the Main Drags) and I kept seeing barber after salon after salon after barber. In the two blocks of 6th St. between 8th Ave and 6th Ave there are three (3) barber shops, two (2) fancypants hair salons, (my catchall phrase for a place that isn’t a barber shop) one (1) tanning salon that also does nails and one (1) nail shop that also does waxing.

That’s before you get to the mall.

I have not noticed that the people of New Westminster are any more attractive than any other city where I have lived (in fact, honestly, a teeny bit less so) but I suppose they must be better groomed because there is absolutely no excuse for your bangs being too long in this town.

With the standards thus upped and with my post-partum shed interacting poorly with the bottom 2 inches of my hair, which are orange from a dye job, I’m assuming, though I can’t remember the last time I dyed my hair, I have decided to get a haircut. (I may also have a few extra commas removed.) At a hair cuttery-type establishment. On Friday morning, when I have a babysitter coming to mind Trombone. And the babysitter is his grandmother, so I can’t change my mind or she’ll get very upset.

But now that I have made the decision I can’t decide where to go. I really don’t think a barber is going to do it this go-round. I’ve narrowed the choices to three (3) fancypants salons within walking distance. I want you all to vote, basing your decision on the information I provide below. Because look at these salon names!

Salon A.
+ Free coffee
+ Also does tattoos

Salon B.
Hair Fuzion Tek
+ Has an orange awning
+ Some stylist just moved there from Salon 91 (one block away) so it must have something going on


Salon C.
+ Armageddon! Carry me home!
+ At the mall with the liquor store. This is sensible.

What? Why would I make up fake hair salons? They’re real, I tell you.

Also, I was reminded today that the first round of voting for the Canadian Blog Awards is tomorrow. November 15th. I got reminded at Schmutzie’s site. Have you read Schmutzie? Schmutzie is nominated in the category of Best Personal Blog. So is Arwen. So go! Vote for Schmutzie! Or Arwen! Or me! (The Cheeseblog is nominated in the categories of Best Personal Blog and Best Humour Blog. The Cheeseblog: Importing your pure comedy space platinum with care and charisma since 2003.)

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