What I Learned In June

Amber does a monthly review of things she has learned. It’s good, you should check it out. I decided to join in.

Then I was all, hey I don’t think I even posted in June! How will I possibly remember the things I learned. And it’s true. I didn’t post much in June. We’ve had guests for the past three weeks, plus the end of preschool, Trombone’s birthday, a mild cold, and the Stanley Cup final/riot/bullshit. I have done many things I haven’t told you about (not riot/bullshit related, don’t worry). And now I barely remember them because it is July 3rd? What the hell?

Things I have learned in June:

1. The farther I get from a regular blog posting routine, the farther I will get from a regular blog posting routine. That is, in part, why I am posting now with this list. But also because it could become a habit and I need more habits.

2. No matter how steely-resolved you are not to tear up at your preschooler’s graduation (because, really, preschool? graduation? Where’s the AFTER PARTY, KIDS?) uh, you will. Totally. Especially if there is a slide show set to music AND the slide show plays that song that will be ever known by me, with attendant drama and weeping, as The Song That was Playing when Dr. Mark Green Died On ER.

I tried thinking of Marilyn, who has written at length about music and crying, but it didn’t help. I still teared up. I guess Marilyn needs to come across meaner, or something.

3. Gin and lemonade: Very very delicious and you don’t have to buy tonic, which I am not always in the mood for.

4. If you are driving somewhere and you think you see a couple of fifty dollar bills on the road, STOP. Even if you are late for the place you are going. It might actually be two fifty dollar bills. Yes, I am totally serious, I found money on the road.

5. Read the second page of PDF restaurant menus. Otherwise you might not realize until the morning of your child’s birthday party that the pizza you planned to order needed 24 hours notice.

6. Always have family come to town and tail you everywhere in their rental car. Otherwise you might not find out that your brake lights don’t work until..well..someone hits you, I guess. Luckily I had family in town, so I changed the light bulbs and got on with my life.

7. Take five minutes and try on the pants you’re buying. The time you *think* you’re saving by not trying them on will be debited from your time account when you have to make a special trip to return them.

8. Value Village doesn’t have store credit anymore. If you are returning something to Value Village, you have to find something else to exchange for the thing you’re returning. This might take a while. Plan accordingly. See also, point 7.

9. The shape of the wine glass really does affect the taste of the wine.

10. On the West coast, any crummy, cold morning in June might turn out sunny and hot by noon. Pack water, snacks, hats, shorts, sunscreen, umbrellas and rubber boots wherever you go.

11. Always keep a loaded water gun under your lawn chair. You just never know.

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