I Like Big Butts? And I Cannot Lie?

One of the amazing things about the Internet is how we never really know who our friends are, you know? I mean, there are friends who will tell you you’re got lettuce stuck in your teeth, but how do you know which of your internet friends are the lettuce telling kind? YOU DON’T. Until you ask a simple question about a particular kind of ass shape and your internet friend draws you an illustration of her ass. And puts it on her blog.

This is Perpetua. She is quite fantastic. And handy for storage!

And so, I drew my own ass, to illustrate the wonder that is: The Flat Ass.

I don’t mean small. I do not have a petite ass. I do not have an ass that fits handily in the palm of a romance novel cover hero. Nay, I still have a significant hip girth. Which means that from behind I am a wide load. And from the side – hey where did it go?

No, it has nothing to do with lettuce, you’re right. Carry on.

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