Reverb10 Is Curious

Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans (author: Shauna Reid)

Oh Reverb. That’s so nice. Thanks for asking.

First there was my own birthday party in February. That one was good. I turned 36 (37? no, 35. no, 36) (after “legal to vote” it’s all a blur) on the same day that my city of birth opened the 2010 Winter Olympiad, for which that city will be paying bills for-fucking-ever-amen. To celebrate, I drank wine and watched the opening ceremonies on tv. And tweeted a lot. I call this a “rock my socks off” social gathering because I wasn’t sick on my birthday for the first time in 34 (37? 38?) years. And also, a giant sparkling polar bear rose from the floor of BC Place Stadium. How often does that happen in a person’s lifetime!

Then there was –


My younger kid turned 2 in April. I was talking to my older son, who is 4 and a quarter, the other day and he said “what did you give me for my 2nd birthday?” And I knew. I knew! I told him, in detail. But I can’t remember what I gave my younger son for his 2nd birthday, 7 months ago. I have no idea.

I mean, *he* doesn’t either, have any idea. So it’s OK. But I feel like I should remember.

In July, my older son turned 4 and we drove to Penticton to celebrate my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding anniversary. There was a party. The kind with jello salad and fruit punch in a big beveled bowl. And church coffee.

In August, in Brandon, Manitoba, I attended a dinner party with a theme, oh Jesus, what was the theme. Chicken? My brother and sister in law do what they call a “Aluminum Chef” dinner, where they invite their friends to come over for a potluck but with a theme ingredient. It’s a fantastic idea. I think it was chicken. God help me, I am so much older than 36 in my brain. Anyway, it was delicious. No, it couldn’t have been chicken because there was a lot of pork. Molasses! That’s what it was. Damn, that was a lot of good food, and adults I didn’t know but who were lovely and it didn’t even thunderstorm on the backyard, for the first time in a week. At the end, the kids each got a birthday cake covered in trinkets and they lost their little minds. That was a fun party.

In November, while SA was away, I invited some friends over and we drank wine. That’s all I remember.

Two weeks ago I went to my friend’s going away party. She is moving to Toronto. I think because of the new mayor. And I went to a party and I drove myself there, so I didn’t drink much and that was good. I’m a social drinker, not a problem drinker, you see, but because I don’t socialize very much, when I drink socially I have one drink and then I have several drinks and then I think drinking until 7 am to watch the sunrise would be so awesome except I forget that I have actual SONS that will RISE at 6 am and that is not so awesome but try to tell me anything after three glasses of wine.

I still stayed out too late, but in the morning I just felt tired, not tired and viscerally compromised. That was a fun party. There were cupcakes and little oranges and I tried Pims for the first time. Pims is Girly Gin. I know, can you get girlier than gin? Yes you can! It is spiced, fruity gin. Yummo! I also got to see a lot of people I never, ever see, all of whom I was very, very glad to see.

But I am going to see some of them again tomorrow, so maybe tomorrow will be My Party of the Year.

Except tomorrow there will be another prompt. So it won’t matter.

I guess I’ll just have to commit to more social events in 2011. More shenanigans. I would like to do that. I like the word shenanigans.

That’s it, I’m going to find a lampshade to wear. Onward!

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